Hello world! We Are SYNERGY CLIMBING in Chattanooga.

What do you offer through your Climbing School at Synergy Climbing

Wills: We offer everything from coaching, straight up beginner classes for people that want to know how to climb, all the way to expert climbers wanting to try to break through a plateau. So we coach everybody from beginner to expert, and we do instruction for people wanting to learn how to use ropes and equipment when they go climbing. We also do outdoor guiding. So it’s kind of like three facets, I’d say. You could say the coaching is split up into personal coaching, which would be more one on one or in small groups, and then we also do clubs and the climbing team. For the youth, we do smaller group training sessions where we try to get people psyched about the sport and try to get them to climb more.

Lisa: The personal coaching — it can be from a beginner wanting to learn better climbing skills to a person who just wants the fitness that you get out of rock climbing, so they want someone to guide them through fitness for climbing.