What others say about us…

We REALLY appreciate you and Lisa. Not just for how y’all have coached our girls, instilled discipline towards a goal, grown their confidence, pushed their ability, and helped them all fall in love with climbing… but also for how each of y’all model a humble confidence and poured into a next generation. As a pastor, that’s EXACTLY what I hope to be and to see in our church. Y’all are living examples and making “disciples” with a holistic view of love, respect, and community.

Jeremy MaxfieldChattanooga

Our 16-year-old daughter has been training with Lisa and Wills for about four years. Her rock climbing skills continue to improve, as well as her love for climbing both indoors and outdoors. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – Wills and Lisa have encouraged her personally and helped build her confidence as a young woman – and they have created a team that has become a strong support system and family of friends. She has developed a healthy love for fitness and climbing that I know will stay with her for the rest of her life thanks to her time with Wills and Lisa.

Jenni VealChattanooga

Wills Young….Awesome!!! Hired Wills as a guide for my daughter’s and my first real rock experience. Coming all the way from the Florida Keys, we had high expectations and we were not disappointed. The rock faces that Wills took us to were utterly fantastic. Thank you Wills for a great week. We will be back for more next year……CAN’T WAIT!

Michael GoldbergFlorida Keys

Thanks so much for yesterday! The time you spent with us really boosted Nat’s confidence! More than awakening a passion she can pursue the rest of her life, you gave her an outlet that will hep her destress at school! We are already trying to figure out a way to get back… Thanks again!

Susan Swensen

We are grateful for the positive attitudes, encouragement and great care you show and have shown to all our kids!  You have created something magical in this team and group of families-   Thank you.

Karen JuddCleveland

Wills–Thank you so much for taking Addie and I climbing. We both had a great time and are looking forward to a return trip. I hope you had a great weekend!

Robbie EstevezFlorida

Thanks again for taking us climbing (and helping me up my first outdoor route!).  It was fabulous; I learned so much!

Jenny WhitneyNorth Carolina

Thx so much Wills! It was a great experience that we haven’t stopped talking about! We appreciated your patience. Thx again!

Tim and Krystal Boyett

Thanks so much for taking Stephanie and me out this morning — we had a blast and it was a great first experience, thanks to your help.

Spencer BroomeGeorgia

We love you all and appreciate your time and dedication more than you can imagine.

Margaret SmithChattanooga

The coaching Luke has received from Wills Young and Lisa Rands has made all the difference. My gratitude to them for their guidance and instruction throughout Luke’s climbing experience knows no bounds.

Tanya Sterner WilkinsonChattanooga, TN

Youth Nationals 2018 was quite an experience. Henry earned 7th place in sport climbing and 11th place in speed. We can’t thank our coaches Wills Young and Lisa Rands enough for their world-class coaching and commitment to Henry’s training.

Josh & Nancy CarterChattanooga, TN

How it started …

Having fallen in love with the Southeast’s incredible climbing during numerous extended visits, we decided to move from our beautiful home at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, all the way to Chattanooga. It was a bold decision and one we are delighted to have made. We will always pursue our dreams, no matter how far they take us. In Chattanooga we built a coaching program for a then-new commercial climbing gym. For five years we worked hard to touch the lives of hundreds instilling a love for the sport of climbing in new climbers, and building one of the most successful climbing teams in the country.

Our work gained a reputation for excellence and top athletes from all over began to seek us out for advice, for private coaching, to join our team, or to climb outside with us.  As we embark on our new dream, The Synergy Project, we bring the same passion and commitment that we hope will enhance the community for years to come.

Our Philosophy …

A community-driven business: we are all about encouragement, love, and respect.

We carry this philosophy through to all our customers. No matter how short of a time you get to spend with us, you have an opportunity to learn from the very best and we make it our mission to give you the knowledge you need.

Where our climbing team is concerned, our mission is to create happy, self-confident, athletic team members. We strive to build friendships and memories that team members will treasure for the rest of their lives.

What distinguishes our business from those run by large commercial climbing gym owners in general, is that their principal stated goal is to make as much money as possible, while we measure our success by the health and happiness of our clients.

Join Us in Chattanooga!

Our Skills…

If you are coming to us from outside of Chattanooga; if you are new to climbing; if you are a longtime climber looking for pointers; we can help. If you or your child is a competitive climber looking for something extra special … Come join us and be a part of our community…

Come join us to gain from our passion, from our unparalleled knowledge and experience. Improve through our proven coaching expertise.

Wills & Lisa